fractional CFO services

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We provide strategic financial and tactical finance and accounting services to enhance your current team and support strategic initiatives.


Corporate Strategy
Change is good, and we can help you define it, package it for your key stakeholders and manage it with KPIs that help measure success. 

Capital Access Strategy
Our financial models will help you identify gaps in your working capital.  We can assist you in determining a mix of capital to meet the needs of your unique company and stage, and assist in modeling those opportunities so you have visibility.

Complex Models and Forecasts
We build dynamic financial models and forecasts to help you understand the variables that drive your business performance.

Financial, Investor + Board Reporting
We’ll prepare the reports you need to communicate to your key stakeholders. 


Accounting & Bookkeeping Services
In additional to CFO level services, we provide controller and bookkeeper level support staff to match the level of activity your company needs without the added overhead of a full-time accounting team.

Audit Support
We can be the point person to interface with your auditors.

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