Word on the Street


As we approach the Healthcare Innovation Workshop hosted by the OSU College of Nursing, there is a lot of news about Ohio Institutional Intellectual Property. Since the Lt. Gov. Jon Husted announced the Ohio IP Promise. The Promise is the standardization of template to option or lease research from Ohio State funded and select private institutions. Check out the Columbus Business First Article on the states ‘big leap’ in technology commercialization!


We LOVE supporting community Partners! Here is a heads up on some of our community involvement in Columbus startup ecosystem.

11/5 We will be hosting a TigerTalk at Innovate New Albany

12/06 We will host Office Hours at Innovate New Albany


This week is a busy one in the Columbus Startup Ecosystem! Check out our Events Page for the to see what's happening in the Columbus Streets this week!

NEW CLIENT ALERT: Check out our new friends Eden Burger in the Local news!


There is so much going on in the Columbus startup scene, and Book+Street® is so fortunate to be working with some of the most innovative companies!  Hats off to BYBE and Hopewell -- two of our amazing client portfolio companies featured in the news last week.  We’d love to share their stories! 


Hopewell was featured in the Columbus CEO Magazine and in the Dispatch in articles highlighting the Columbus co-working boom.  If you’re in the market for a refreshingly different collaborative -- or at least not isolated -- work environment, and an amazing cup of coffee, you should join Hopewell!  CEO Brian Zuercher is a successful entrepreneur who’s taking the future of work to a whole new level on Chestnut Street downtown.


BYBE was featured in an AWS Startup Blog post entitled “How BYBE is Disrupting the Adult Beverage Industry”, which almost says it all .  BYBE embeds wine, beer and spirits promotions and rebates into retail apps, making them both easier to access and faster to redeem – well, instantly!  BYBE has taken something from paper to the digital world in a highly regulated industry, giving customers instant access to offers and rebates in real time.  Expect more news to come for this team!