stock plan administration services

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Whether you’re issuing stock to founders in a newly formed startup, designing a new equity-based compensation plan for your growing company or need assistance administering an existing plan, we can help!


Equity Compensation Plan Design
We work with corporations and LLCs to design equity-based compensation plans that work. Qualified (ISOs) or non qualified (NQSOs) stock options, restricted stock units (RSUs), restricted stock, phantom stock or profit interest units in an LLC — we’ll help you determine the best mix to incentivize your team and drive value.

Plan Documentation
We develop a complete document set based on your plan design.



Plan Administration
We provide a full, outsourced plan administration solution, including tracking plan provisions, recording the issuance of all awards, and tracking grants, exercises, cancellations and forfeitures for your plan participants. We use Shareworks, a platform that can grow with you — from privately held to publicly traded.

We provide a compliance plan documenting the processes that will ensure that your company is in compliance with the latest regulations governing this complex form of compensation. 

409A Valuation Services
We provide comprehensive, audit supported valuation services to ensure that equity awards are priced appropriately. 

Plan Reporting
We develop and deliver reports detailing your plan activities, include those required for accounting and audit disclosures, board and plan participant reporting. 

Stakeholder Communications
We communicate the value of equity compensation to keep your team informed and engaged.

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