talent acquisition services

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Book+Street® can help you find the smart people to take your company to the next level. Our talent acquisition services will help you build your dream team!


Job Descriptions
We will work with you to understand the requirements detailed in current job descriptions, update existing descriptions to match evolving needs and write new ones when they’re needed.

Salary Comparables
We can help you understand existing market salary ranges and match them to your industry and geography to help with budgeting and ensure that you’re within market ranges.

Job Postings
We’ll list your jobs on LinkedIn, Indeed and any other job boards that are relevant to your industry or geography (additional fees may apply).

Weekly Checkups
We’ll meet with your hiring manager/s on a weekly basis to discuss progress with the search, make adjustments as needed to develop a strong candidate slate.

Candidate Screening
We screen candidates against the qualifications and experience requirements of the role, phone screen those that meet the qualifications to narrow your selection further, and send an email to each candidate that was not selected. 

Candidate Review
We will provide links to qualified candidates to the hiring manager/s for discussion at our scheduled meetings.

Interview Scheduling
We will work with you to schedule interviews, coordinate with the candidates and the hiring managers and follow-up with you after the interviews to determine next steps.

Reference Calls + Background Checks
We will speak with the candidate references and give you detailed call notes. We can also facilitate background checks through our third party service provider.

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