Dylan Calloway

Operations Manager  

Dylan is a young finance professional whose primary areas of interest include stock plan administration, alternative forms of compensation in the venture capital arena, and transportation development.

A frequent scooter drifter, Dylan has been hands-on with all things related to startups, innovation, and creativity in the blooming Columbus entrepreneurial ecosystem. As a former banker, Dylan translated his retail advisory lens and applied it toward the day-to-day operations necessary in Columbus-based startups. As Operations Manager, Dylan handles all of the systems and processes for integrating clients on Book+Street® partner platforms and keeps things running smoothly. With a keen eye for design and creative, Dylan is also responsible for the creation of Book+Street’s print materials, and also curates social media engagement for the company and some of our portfolio clients. Dylan is currently progressing toward subject matter expertise in the field of equity compensation through the Certified Equity Professionals Institute, working toward the CEP designation – one test at a time!

 Outside of the office, Dylan enjoys music, coffee, traveling, and hackathons. As an organizer for the Techstars Sponsored Startup Weekend, Dylan brought valuable insight, helping streamline the organization and facilitation of a weekend-long Pitch Competition. He also provided teams with real-world context to their innovations based on his experiences with the expansive Book+Street portfolio. BTS (behind the scenes) Dylan also directed a promotional video highlighting the impact of the Columbus Startup Weekend program.

 As an active member of the Columbus Urban League Young Professionals, Dylan also sits on the Chapter’s Executive Leadership Committee as the Chair of the YP Summit. The YP Summit is the Annual Professional Development Conference scheduled for Fall 2019. The focus is on 360-degree empowerment for the Young Professional Community, and Dylan is organizing the conference – from fundraising to execution.

Dylan is also an active member at 1st Church of God and Christ currently sitting on the Budget Committee.   

 Dylan hailed from Grand Rapids, Michigan and attended Kalamazoo College for his undergraduate studies majoring in Finance. He was also involved in a plethora of on-campus extracurricular activities including varsity athletics, student government, and theatrical performance.